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Backyard Seed Banks on QUEST

Agrariana is proud to announce coverage of the Backyard Seed Vault on KQED's science program QUEST. Agrariana Executive Director Mat Rogers talks to reporter Lauren Sommer about the genetic savings in our own backyards, developing landrace crops, and promiscuous corn.

QUEST on KQED Public Media.

Colbert to become farm worker

United Farm Workers president Arturo Rodriguez was the guest on Thursday's Colbert Report, discussing the UFW's "Take Our Jobs" campaign. Host Stephen Colbert accepted UFW's challenge to come work as a farm worker to experience the jobs that undocumented workers are taking away from American citizens. Sign up for your own day in the pastures of plenty at the Take Our Jobs page.

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Arturo Rodriguez
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Friday Multimedia Melange

For your perusing pleasure on a Friday afternoon, three tidbits from the food world: a slideshow of Slow Food Berkeley and friend-of-Agrariana Peter Jackson's latest workshop on making tasso and andouille, King Corn filmmakers' raising funds to finish a short film about a very small farm, and a video from Ohio about why farmers do what they do. Enjoy!